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Agence Matrimoniale en France - Russian brides
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Russian Brides and Ukrainian girls to marry

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Ukrainian brides are not so easy to marry

For several days now, I’ve been thinking about how to begin my letterJ  I’m trying to articulate words in the hope that I’ll manage to convey what I’m feeling and thinking.

I’m so glad we had a chance to have a great time together. I saw (and I see) your big heart, you are very kind, generous and sociable girl, and it’ll be no secret for you that you left an enormous impression on me. I’m not very talkative and perhaps I may not always be able to express my feelings, but there’s a thing I can tell for certain: I miss you so much.

As I returned home, I understood that I wanted to get to know you better, that I wanted to be with you! I’d really like to know if we have a chance to renew our communication and our relationship. We have a common goal - we want a serious, deep and lasting relationship. I’m a man of few words, but I’d like you to know that my intentions are serious.

Russian marriage agency in Ukraine

I know how important your studies are for you, and I completely support you in it and understand that this process can take some time. I wouldn’t like to rush, but it’s important for me to know if we have a chance to be a happy couple.  After you finish your studies in Kiev, I’d like to make a Canadian tourist visa for you. You could see how I live, meet my family and friends, I could show you Niagara Falls and many other interesting places in Canada and Montreal. I tell my family a lot about you, they know my feelings for you and would be happy to meet you.

I really hope that you, after reading my letter, will be able to feel what I may not always translate into words because I’m rather laconic. I’d really like our nascent relationship to bloom into a serious feeling that would be the basis of our family.

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